Ladies Beginners Workshop

QAR 300,00


The Ladies Beginners workshop is intended for the Ladies only. There are no men around while conducting this workshop. You will learn the basics of throwing on the pottery wheel at our Studio located in Fox Hills, Lusail City. The workshop is currently being conducted by our In-house trainer Ms. Mitasha Chatterji. Her Instagram handle is: @vagabond_potter

During the 90 minute workshop you will,

    • Go through the steps of throwing and shaping a cylinder
    • Get to glaze your pieces once they are bisque fired (a separate day activity included under the same workshop fee)
    • Get to keep the 2 pieces you made yourself
    • Any additional pieces will cost you 60QR each

* Kindly note that the whole process of making something on the clay, having them leather dry and trimming them, bisque fired and for you to be ready to glaze takes at least about 2 weeks and can't be rushed. We appreciate your patience. 

* The raw pieces can crack or react uniquely each time they go inside the furnace. If your pieces get broken in the process, we will provide you a standard ready made replacement.

* Once we have sent you a message to come glaze your pieces, we will keep them for additional 5 weeks before we auction them during a certain open day. On this day, all the pieces that weren't collected back by the previous workshop clients are brought out for visitors to come glaze and take home with them. (Conditions apply)




    QAR 300,00
    Ladies Beginners Workshop
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